Animal Wine Rack
Animal Wine Rack
Animal Wine Rack
Animal Wine Rack

Animal Wine Rack

For Full-bodied Wines
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The perfect wooden drinking buddy
Made of luxurious plywood
Flat-packed into a beautiful cardboard carrying box
Holds your booze, doesn't judge
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This planet is sufficiently crowded with eccentric wine racks and if like us you’ve rolled your eyes at wine bottles “magically defying gravity!” for the very last time then the Animal Wine Rack is for you.

Sometimes you just need a drinking buddy. And what better companion than a reserved wooden animal that holds your booze for you and doesn’t utter a single word.

Simplicity and style embodied, these skeletal plywood animals add a bit of perky playfulness and an elegant touch to your dining table/mini-bar/cellar/imaginary mountain-top log cabin. Now your wine bottle isn't just an inanimate vessel, it's the lifeblood of your chosen creature, the belly of the beast.


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Please Note:
  • Wine not included
  • When the wine's gone, the animal dies. We recommend inserting a fresh bottle asap
  • Fits most regular wine bottles
Product Features:
  • Four animals available - Reindeer, Elephant, Penguin and Doberman
  • Each animal is constructed from 4 pieces
  • Made from Plywood
  • Measures approximately 42cm(W) x 2.5cm(H) x 14cm(D)