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Animal Masks

I wanna walk like you, talk like you

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  • Embrace your avian/equine alter ego.
  • Don't let animals have all the fun
  • One size fits all, unless you have a phenomenally large head


Being a human is exceedingly tedious, animals have all the fun. Don't even try and deny it, spend just 5 minutes anywhere on the internet and you'll see that we're right. This is ultimately why you need the Animal Masks in your life.

When you’re wearing a large rubber animal mask you possess all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses, you open doors to endless new experiences. And just like any decent arcade game, the creature you choose says a lot about you - which one will you be? Here are some gratuitous suggestions:

The Pigeon
Live the filthy avian dream. Join the flock. Perch menacingly up trees and on lampposts. Wildly flap your arms and nonchalantly strut around people trying to enjoy their packed lunches.

The Chicken
Endlessly cross roads and cluck at those who question your intentions. Engage in a merciless illegal cock-fight. Let out loud, blood-curdling Cockadoodledoo's at the crack of dawn. Try to lay an egg.

The Horse
Take on a strict dietary regimen of oats and sugar lumps. Buck without warning. Find yourself a lightweight child-jockey and enter yourself into the Grand National.

Now choose your beast and take on the world.

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  • "Very good quality and got a great deal of laughter and some funny pictures in it. The start of some next generation selfies begins."
    Cameron - 2nd of November, 2015