Animal Head Shot Glasses

Go on, shoot an animal

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  • Flip 'em upside-down to decorate your bottles when not in use
  • They won't topple over after they've had a few, even if you do
  • Made from tough and glossy ceramic
  • Generous 55ml measures
  • Shooting animals has never been so damned sophisticated
Whilst we'd never condone the shooting of actual animals, you should definitely have a pop at these Animal Head Shot Glasses. They look a little like they've been pinched from an extravagant chess set but they're actually reversible drinking vessels made from a high-gloss ceramic.

Just flip these sturdy creatures upside-down and they balance perfectly upon their horns, ears, antlers and nostrils respectively; ready to receive your chosen alcoholic beverage. They won't keel over after they've had a few, even if you do.

When you're not using them to guzzle down potent animalistic libations, you can perch them atop your bottles of booze to add a touch of class to your home bar or secluded hunting lodge.

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  • "Unusual and lovely looking shot glasses."
    Nik - 27th of April, 2015