Animal Face Masks
  • Animal Face Masks

Animal Face Masks

Creature comforts

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  • Revitalise your pores with a cute and cleansing creature
  • Each mask is enriched with a different array of nourishing ingredients
  • The ideal gift for lovers of animals and soft skin
  • Made by MAD Beauty


Face looking like a dog's dinner? Dark panda eyes? Deep wrinkly stripes?

Sounds like you need the cool and nourishing touch of these Animal Face Masks. Take your pick from three cleansing creatures, each with their own revitalising ingredients:

  • Dog – drenched in coconut oil to leave your skin soft, supple and refreshed
  • Panda – enriched with rose water for calm, healthy and glowing skin
  • Tiger – infused with cucumber to revitalise and hydrate your skin

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