Angry Birds Speaker
  • Angry Birds Speaker

Angry Birds Speaker

Did you hear a pwanging noise?

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    Close up of iPod dock

    Wall-shaped dock

    You’d think those dastardly piggies would have learned by now – Angry Birds really, really want their eggs back. But heck, if lobbing yourself at the greedy porkers’ fortress isn’t getting the message across, why not try blasting them with sound instead?

    The Angry Birds Speaker plugs into any mobile or MP3 player with a headphone socket (so these days that’s all of them). And with 3 built-in speakers, including a subwoofer, it packs as much furious wallop as its digital counterpart.

    What’s more iPad, iPhone or iPod owners can rest their gadgets in the included wall-shaped dock. Let’s just hope it’ll hold up under your powerful sounds. Ready... aim... Phil Collins! Or, you know, whatever music you like.

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