Angry Birds Speaker Dock
  • Angry Birds Speaker Dock

Angry Birds Speaker Dock

Squeal, piggy!

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    Close up

    Speakers on the helmet

    Life for an Angry Birds piggie is pretty straightforward. Steal eggs, bunker down in your funny-looking fortress (hopeless disguise optional) and wait to be blown to smithereens by a vengeful beaky projectile. But while you wait for your world to collapse, why not stick on some tunes?

    The Angry Birds Speaker Dock lets you charge, sync and play your iPod or iPhone through one of the game’s much loved/loathed helmeted piggies. But don’t be fooled by his somewhat vacant expression. With three built-in speakers, including a sub-woofer, this is one powerful porker.

    This compact dock/speaker combo makes a great addition to any room of your house. Stick him in the lounge, bedroom, hallway or even in the kitchen while you whip up an omelette. Well, you might as well put those stolen eggs to good use.

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