Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game
  • Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game

Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game

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    Catapulting the Angry Bird


    Diddle did dee, diddle did dee, diddle diddle-diddle-diddle-diddle did dee. What? We miss that chirpy jingle. But apart from the absent theme tune, Angry Birds On Thin Ice Game has all the thrills, spills and specialist skills of the smash hit Angry Birds app. Only this time, it’s for real!

    Well... as real as pelting blisteringly-furious pigeons at a shack full of behelmeted piggies can be. Just like the smartphone game, On Thin Ice requires a delicate blend of skill and extreme violence. Load your Big Red Bird into the giant slingshot, pull it back... and fire it at the wobbly pig shack! With breakable ice pieces and even an exploding TNT box there are plenty of ways to bring down the house. But don’t start feeling too smug – it’s your opponent’s turn next.

    Piggies and blocks

    Knock those pesky piggies down!

    Indeed, in this point-scoring game only a few well-placed flicks ever separate pig-pounding winner and avian floser. Your turn starts by drawing a card from the deck. Use the iconic ice pieces to build the structure that appears on the card; and pop in your piggies. It’s then up to your opponent to rain feathered fury upon’t.

    Points are scored for the number of ice blocks they break and smug porkers they can unsettle. Tot up the points and then change ends – it’s your go at the trigger, and their turn to build a fortress of porkitude.

    Officially licensed by the blockbusting brains behind Angry Birds, this ingenious desktop edition brings all the chaos, all the excitement, and even more mess than its digital counterpart. Easy to pick up and extremely satisfying, it’s furious fun for all the family. All you need is a flat space, a keen eye and an arsenal of your own sound effects. So come on, cry ‘Bukaark!’ and let slip the hogs of war! Diddle did dee, diddle did dee, diddle diddle-diddle-diddle-diddle did dee...

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