Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game
  • Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

Chuck your bird – for real!

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    Ready... aim... FIRE!

    You didn’t seriously think those Angry Birds could stay cooped up in your smartphone any longer, did you? After all, catapulting comedy birds at egg-snaffling piggies is far too entertaining to remain within the pixellated realms of your screen. So say squawk and oink because Angry Birds Knock On Wood is here.

    In a genuine ‘app to reality’ moment, this wonderfully daft game brings the ludicrously addictive gameplay of Rovio’s smash hit app to the real world. Simply pick a mission card and build the structure shown before opponents use the slingshot launcher to knock it down along with all those pesky piggies to win points. It’s just as silly and knuckle-gnawingly addictive as the digital version that’s driven over 250m people to distraction.


    In the box you get 40 mission cards, 14 building blocks, 2 bonus targets, 4 piggies, 3 angry birds and a catapult!


    Mission cards add yet another
    dimension to the game

    Angry Birds Knock On Wood comes with mission cards, three Angry Birds, four pigs, a slingshot and various structure pieces. And although you can’t make the birds explode, accelerate or split into ittty bitty pieces, at least you won’t need to squint at a screen every time you fancy a game. Go on, chuck your bird!

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