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Angry Birds Flash Drives
  • Angry Birds Flash Drives

Angry Birds Flash Drives

A bird in the hand’s worth…4GBs

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    King Piggy version

    This King Piggy has
    4GB of storage space!

    Catapulting bad-tempered birds into piles of egg-snaffling piggies sounds like something Dali might have dreamt up on his day off. But despite the surreal premise Angry Birds has smashed every app-related record in geekdom. So why not squawk as you climb aboard the Angry Birds bandwagon with these cute little Angry Birds Flash Drives.

    Modelled on various characters from the world’s favourite bird-brained gaming app, these high quality rubberised critters double up as USB friendly 4GB flash drives. Oink! Use ‘em to store and transfer all manner of info, from music and vid clips to photos of the Mighty Eagle and schematics of devious piggy structures.

    Angry Birds USB Flash Drives

    Angry Birds available (from L-R): Red Bird, White Bird, King Piggy and Yellow Bird

    mini looping lanyard

    Mini looping lanyard

    It goes without saying that you’ll be wanting to show the world your appreciation for your cranky feathered friends, so thank heavens each Angry Birds Flash Drive comes with a mini looping lanyard, allowing you to hang it on your keyring. So what are you waiting for? Get ordering. Because stuffing Angry Birds with info is even more fun than flinging them. Squawk!

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