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Angry Birds Big Doodle Books

Piggies?! Hand me my crayons...

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    Pelting volleys of feathered projectiles at impudent piggies all day is certainly a lot of fun. But sometimes it’s nice to step away from all that destruction and actually create something instead. Or, in the case of Angry Birds Big Doodle Books, do both at the same time.

    Each book contains 100 unfinished black and white illustrations from the world of Angry Birds. Finish the pictures (with embellishments of your choice) and colour each scene with marker pens or pencil crayons. The Big Red Doodle Book takes you into classic scenes from Angry Birds, while The Big Green Doodle Book follows the characters on a Tropical Holiday.

    It’s the perfect way to unwind after besieging pig-pens all day and great for nurturing your creative skills. Rather than just your aim.

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