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Angry Birds Backpack Clips
  • Angry Birds Backpack Clips

Angry Birds Backpack Clips

You lookin' at my bird?

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    Forget all that boring communication business, the sophisticated timewaster’s favourite app involves catapulting comedy birds at egg-snaffling piggies. Indeed with over 50 million downloads across all platforms, Angry Birds is something of a smartphone phenomenon.

    But why merely play Angry Birds when you can snuggle up to a real one. It’s easy thanks to these cute plush toys.

    These fuming furballs are designed to hang on backpacks, schoolbags and briefcases. The boss’ll love ‘em.

    With an Angry Bird Plush by your side, you’re guaranteed to receive nods of appreciation from iPhoners and app-addicts wherever you may roam. Not that you’ll see them, you’ll be too busy playing the game. Look out, evil piggie, 10 o’clock!

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