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Angry Birds Action Game
  • Angry Birds Action Game

Angry Birds Action Game

Bring the house down

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    carry bag

    Carry bag bird!

    Unless you’ve been living in a rickety wooden shack for the past two years, you can’t have missed the barnstorming Angry Birds phenomenon. But despite their global fame, the feathered avengers aren’t getting any less furious. Take the Angry Birds Action Game for example – not even the glorious sunshine is improving their mood.

    Played indoors or outdoors, this brilliant kit packs all the fun of the barnstorming iOS/Android app into a portable game for all the family. Lay out the scoring mat and set up the rickety wooden platform with your green pig perched on top. Then take it in turns to pelt squidgy birds at it! Knock the smug porker off his perch and score points for where he lands on the mat.

    sizes of the playing pieces

    Sizes of the playing pieces

    It’s great in the living room, in the garden, at the beach or anywhere there’s space to lay out the 1m x 1m mat. When you’ve finished playing, the mat turns into a convenient carry bag, disguised as a giant Angry Bird. So even those non-gaming, hermit refuseniks can’t miss it. Game on!

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