Angry Bird iPhone Cases
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Angry Bird iPhone Cases

Show your love for the birds

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    camera and flash cutout

    A cutout for your camera and flash

    How often have you noticed someone staring intently at their iPhone and thought “gosh, that must be an important email”, only to walk past and find they’re actually pelting birds at a bunch of pea-green piggies?

    To the uninitiated, this might look a bit odd. But to a large amount of smartphone owners, Angry Birds has become a staple part of day to day life. Almost as common as missing their stop on the bus, bumping into lampposts, and falling headfirst into fountains. Because Angry Birds is the most ridiculously fun – and infuriatingly addictive – game known to man!

    Available in three colours:
    all 3 styles

    Red Bird

    Yellow Bird

    Green Piggy

    Well it’s time to drop the facade. iPhone owners, you’re not fooling anyone. Clip on one of these awesome Angry Bird iPhone Cases and show some love for this global gaming phenomenon. Whether you’re a dab-hand with a red, a crack-shot with a yellow or bombastic with a black, there’s a clip-on cover for everyone. The sturdy case protects your iPhone from any knocks and bumps, while the slim design means it’ll still slide easily into your pocket. Ready... aim... buy!

    profile side view

    The case is super slim so it won't add bulk to your lovely iPhone and there are cutouts for the controls

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