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Anglerfish Book Light
  • Anglerfish Book Light
  • Anglerfish Book Light
  • Anglerfish Book Light
  • Anglerfish Book Light
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Anglerfish Book Light

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Anglerfish Book Light
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Come on, fishy, light my fire
  • Read in the dark without ruining your eyesight
  • Inspired by the cutest, brightest, spookiest fish in the deep
  • Clip him onto anything and get reading
  • Features a bendy cord for versatile lighting action


Don’t let a lack of light hold you back from getting deep into your book.

Clip this adorable anglerfish onto anything you like and he’ll give you all the light you need. Whether you’re up late working on a report about deep-sea biology or building a model of the Marianas Trench, this aquatic critter will keep you from straining your eyes. Just turn him on and bend him to where you need the glow.

Thankfully he wasn’t modelled on a real anglerfish. Have you seen those things? If we looked like that, we’d spend all our time lurking about in the dark too. The sweet little fish on this one is much cuter. Look at that big happy smile. He’s not entirely unrealistic, retaining his namesake’s characteristic side fins, back ridge and LED light. Wait, hang on…

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