Angel Lights
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Angel Lights

Seasonal lights that give you wings!

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    When it comes to giving your home a sprinkling of seasonal cheer, you can't beat the magical glow of fairy lights, can you? Well yes, you can actually, with a set of gloriously cute Angel Lights.

    It's not that we've got anything against bog-standard Christmas bulbs, but everyone's got a set, and they do lack a certain celestial something - like wings, smocks and angelic faces. And that's exactly what Angel Lights have in abundance, as each heavenly being features a dinky set of wings, a smart angel's, er, gown(?) and a divine cartoony face that could melt brandy butter at thirty paces.

    Each saintly seraph has its eyes closed and hands clasped as if in prayer, as it dangles daintily from a generous 6m cord. A miraculous example of providence, as you too will thank the Lord the moment you see how magical Angel Lights look when they are switched on.

    Angel Lights are ideal for decorating your Christmas tree, stringing around a window or simply attaching to a wall. And best of all, you won't have to bundle your Angel Lights into a bag and chuck them in the loft once Christmas is over.

    That's because contrary to popular belief (and ours too, before we looked it up) angels are not associated solely with Christianity; the cute little cloud-dwellers are spiritual beings who assist and serve God (or the gods) in countless religious traditions.

    Besides, these benevolent-looking angels are of the modern, funky variety, not the traditional, unintentionally kitsch type. So even if the only place you worship is at the altar of cool, Angel Lights still represent a contemporary and attractive answer to your decorating dilemmas. So please kneel down and repeat after us: Blessed are the Angel Lights for they shall make my home look heavenly, whatever the occasion. Amen.

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