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Angel Bicycle Helmet
  • Angel Bicycle Helmet

Angel Bicycle Helmet

It’s the circle of light

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    bright fibre optic LED lights emit a halo of light

    The halo of light will make sure you are seen by everybody on the road!

    Here’s a pop fact for you: 60% of road traffic accidents involving cyclists happen after 4pm. Sure, the rush hour traffic is partly to blame, but one of the main causes is the reduced visibility – especially in winter time. Once it gets dark, cyclists can be tough to spot.

    Now, cyclists are required by law to mount lights on the front and rear of their bikes, but if traffic is queuing nose-to-tail these can often be hidden from a driver’s view. This is particularly common in dense urban areas, where traffic jams are an almost permanent feature. That’s where the Angel Bicycle Helmet comes in.

    Putting lights at a height where dopey motorists will be sure to notice you, this slick helmet has a built-in halo of LEDs. Making sure you’ll be seen at any angle, they give a full 360 degrees of visibility as either constant or flashing light.

    plug into a USB port to recharge

    Simply recharge by plugging your helmet into your computers USB port

    The helmet’s polycarbonate shell has sweeping vents to circulate cool air while it protects your head. 100% waterproof, it can be used in all weathers and any situations, from city-cycling to muddy off-roading. Plus, a built-in recharging point in the back of the helmet lets you connect it to any USB socket – so you won’t have to worry about carrying extra batteries with you.

    Used in addition to your front and rear bike lights, you’ll look like you’re on your way home from a busy day battling Geoff Bridges in the TRON Game Grid. If motorists don’t notice that, they deserve derezzing.
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