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Android Mini Collectibles Series 2
  • Android Mini Collectibles Series 2

Android Mini Collectibles Series 2

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    Close up of artwork on the figure

    Quirky designs

    Now, we’re not ones to get giddy over some zeitgeist-riding art toy; designed by various obscure graphic artists from around the world; and blind boxed so they’re maddeningly collectible. Hang on... no, that’s exactly what we are. So you can imagine the hearty whoops and barely contained glee in Firebox HQ when we discovered the Android Mini Collectibles Series 2.

    Cocking a designer snook to iFans everywhere, this colourful collection of designer ‘droids is made up of 16 assorted characters – 15 ranging from rare to very rare, and 1 ultra rare mystery Android.

    Example of some of the series

    Here are some of the designs available

    Which will you get? It’s impossible to know until it arrives! Android Mini Collectibles come in achingly cool blind packaging, so not even we know what’s inside.

    More detail and specification