An Aphrodisiac Cookbook
  • An Aphrodisiac Cookbook

An Aphrodisiac Cookbook

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    Spice up those romantic meals

    They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But what about his pants? Well this and many other sensitive questions are all addressed in An Aphrodisiac Cookbook.

    Over 144 pages this beautifully photographed guide will lead you step by step through 17 different sections – covering everything from coffee and chocolate to black beans and oysters. With over 85 different recipes at your disposal there’s something for every taste and situation. You can even learn a few recipes for massage oils as well.

    double page spreads

    Learn about various aphrodisiac ingredients and their origins

    Armed with this essential guide to sensory seduction, you’ll have hundreds of new ideas to tease, treat and tantalise your lucky dinner guest; whether it’s a first date or a Golden Anniversary.

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