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American Pop Tarts
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American Pop Tarts

So hot they’re cool

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    If your toaster could talk it would tell you that it’s bored rigid with bread. It would then reminisce about the good old days, when its overworked elements were put to good use heating up Kellogg’s Pop Tarts.

    Back in the day, these delicious little frosted pastries stuffed with yummy sweet fillings were adored by kids, students, layabouts and anyone else whose culinary skills were confined to plopping things in a toaster. Sadly, for some reason or another, Pop Tarts pretty much vanished from UK shelves at the end of the last century. But now, thanks to your snack loving friends at Firebox, they’re back by popular demand, straight from the USA. Yum yum!

    Fully baked, Pop Tarts are ready to eat straight out of the box but they really come into their own when you bung them in a toaster or microwave. Mmm…warm, gooey marshmallow! Eat them for breakfast, elevenses, dessert, whatever. The dentist will £ove you for it.

    We’d love to tell you that these ultra-convenient nibbles are good for you, so we will. Sort of. They provide seven essential vitamins and minerals, and contain zero trans fat. Whatever that is. More importantly they make anything on toast seem decidedly unappetising.

    Everyone knows old man Kellogg was a few cornflakes short of a full box, but even he would be amazed by these brilliantly bizarre rectangles of toastable yumminess. Most amazing of all, we’ve managed to write nearly 280 words about a product called Pop Tarts without making a single allusion to ***** ***** (name of chart botherering girl band removed following legal advice). Enjoy!
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