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AlphaSphere Elite
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AlphaSphere Elite

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Please Note:
The AlphaSphere elite is currently available for pre-order with the release scheduled for December 2012.


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    Customise your sounds and beats with the included software

    Following in the footsteps of the Theremin, the Otomaton and the humble wood saw, the AlphaSphere elite is here to revolutionise how you make music.

    Looking like the sonic love-child of a basketball and a drum machine, the AlphaSphere elite is a fully programmable, digital instrument, sequencer and controller. Its self-supporting spherical structure is formed of 48 pressure sensitive pads that can be manipulated to mix and mould your musical musings.

    Easily sync up with analogue or digital workstations and map your samples however you like; forming scales, patterns and entire sonic languages. Play it as a traditional rhythmic instrument, or apply continuous pressure to sculpt notes and melodies. It’s totally tactile.

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    Using the AlphaLive™ software and internal MIDI and sequencing capabilities, you can quickly manipulate audio parameters such as pitch-bend, oscillation and a host of filters. Meanwhile, the multi-coloured LED lighting responds to your actions - changing colour and frequency - or you can even program your own functions for the ultimate lightshow.

    Infinitely more than just a high-tech drum ball, the AlphaSphere elite represents total, tactile, musical freedom and with only 100 units going into production, these music-making marvels won't be around for long.

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