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All Star Guitar

iRiff therefore iRock!

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    Free app on your iPad

    Download the free app on your iPad

    Learning how to crank out riffs and widdle your way to axe god status is a fiddly business. But now, thanks to the amazing All Star Guitar you can use your iPad to make a complete Slash of yourself faster than you can say ‘sweeping arpeggio’. No strings attached.

    Simply dock your iPad into the padded compartment in this full-scale guitar-shaped controller, open the All Star Guitar app and you’re away. You can then strum the virtual strings to play chords or pluck ‘em individually. And thanks to 14 rows of illuminating fretboard buttons you can easily play thousands of songs. Just follow the LEDs. Blisters? Who needs ‘em!

    As well as its ability to teach even the most sausage-fingered plucker how to shred, the All Star Guitar app includes loads of incredibly realistic built-in effects, so you can crank up the distortion or go for a clean, classic sound. It’s even compatible with GarageBand, Wallander Instruments WI Guitar and countless other music-based apps.

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    It's an 'All Star Guitar'

    Built in speaker

    Built in speaker

    If you’re reading this in despair because you don’t own an iPad, cheer up (and stop crying, rockers are meant to be tough) because the All Star Guitar comes with an adapter so you can use it with your iPhone 4/4S and iPod Touch (4th generation).

    No, it doesn’t go all the way to eleven but it does boast a built-in speaker and volume switch whilst still allowing access to your iGizmo’s headphone socket for silent practice. In fact the only thing the All Star Guitar can’t do is teach you how to conduct yourself in a truly rock ‘n’ roll fashion, so allow us to assist. Rule 1) Buy this product. Rule 2) Smash it up and chuck it out the window. Rule 3) Repeat and go back to rule one. Kerrang!

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