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All Mighty Magnet
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All Mighty Magnet

Amazing pulling power!

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    We considered starting this description by explaining how magnets work. But having consulted the boffins down in the Firebox lab and thumbed through a few encyclopedias, we're none the wiser. All this physics business is far too complicated, not to mention boring. Magnets are fascinating, mysterious and fun, let's leave it at that.

    All Mighty Magnet Speaking of magnet-related fun, the amazing All Mighty Magnet is one of the most entertaining and useful little gizmos we've seen in ages. It might not look as powerful as the one Wile E. Coyote used to mess with, and it isn't even U-shaped, but this sleek little cube of chromed metal is awesomely all-mighty.

    About the size of a sugar cube, the All Mighty Magnet can easily hold 36 sheets of A4 paper on a vertical metal surface, and trying to shift it from objects such as radiators or filing cabinets without sliding it off the edge is seriously difficult.

    Plonk the All Mighty Magnet anywhere near a pile of iron filings and it will lure them onto its surface faster than you can say 'SGR 1806-20'. And if you're wondering what that is, it's the rather unsnazzy name for the neutron star that scientists reckon is the most magnetic object in the known universe. Thankfully, unlike the aforementioned interplanetary thingamabob, the All Mighty Magnet won't rearrange the molecules in your body. What it will do, however, is provide you with hours of magnet-based amusement.

    All Mighty Magnet Holding a paper-clip through a stack of 35 Post-it notes.

    The All Mighty Magnet's strength-to-size ratio is truly astonishing, and it's perfect for securing bundles of notes and photos, messing about with at work, or even picking up metal-mouthed James Bond villains by the teeth. If you want. This really is one of the most attractive and compelling little things we've ever seen. Literally!

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