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Alien Abduction Lamp
  • Alien Abduction Lamp

Alien Abduction Lamp

We are not alone!

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    Switching the alien Abduction Lamp on

    Twist the antenna to switch on!

    Run to the hills, the aliens are coming! Only joking, they’ve already arrived, aboard the gloriously kitsch Alien Abduction Lamp. As you can see this fantastically ludicrous, limited edition lamp depicts a scene familiar to anyone who has watched too many ropey ‘50s sci-fi movies, and it’s just as eerily enthralling as the real thing (we imagine).

    Cast in metal with a beautiful black pearl finish, the flying saucer section of the lamp features glowing windows complete with curious aliens. It’s so convincing we wouldn’t be surprised if Elvis was in there along with David Icke, George Dubya’s lizard half brother and a gas pump attendant from Wyoming.

    To add to the (un)realism the saucer’s antenna serves as an on/off switch for the lamp’s energy saving LEDs. There’s also a third position that causes the perspex ‘beam’ to pulse. Any more realistic and you might have to call the National Enquirer (assuming you wear dungarees and answer to the name Billy Bob).

    Flashing lights on the Alien Abduction Lamp The LED lights The cow

    A very flash alien!

    Energy saving LEDs

    Remooveable cow

    If guests find watching a cow floating in a tractor beam too traumatic, the bovine abductee can be remoooved from the lamp’s tactile astroturf base and quarantined in Area 51 (aka your kitchen drawer). It’s udder genius.

    Switching the alien Abduction Lamp on

    A close encounter every day!

    Although the movies that inspired the Alien Abduction Lamp were cheap, shoddy and unintentionally hilarious, there is nothing schlocky about this high quality light. In fact it’s so hypnotically cool, you may find yourself humming 'duh, ner, ner, nuh, ner' and sculpting mountains out of mashed potatoes. Even if you don’t believe in little green men we guarantee you’ll be transfixed.

    Because let’s face it, unless your car breaks down in the middle of Hicksville it’s unlikely you’ll ever witness a real alien abduction. (Actually, it’s unlikely you’ll ever witness one, period). But with this fantastically original curio you can enjoy a close encounter of the stylish kind every single day. So get ordering before our strictly limited stock wobbles back to the home planet. All together now, ‘I want to believe.’

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