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AlcoholOmeter Glasses
  • AlcoholOmeter Glasses

AlcoholOmeter Glasses

Think as you drink

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    Count those units carefully

    Half a pint equals this, a large glass of that is the same as a bottle of whatever. Cripes, trying to calculate the units of alcohol in your drink is more confusing than trying to tie your shoelaces after several pints of loudmouth soup. So thank goodness for AlcoholOmeter Glasses.

    Ideal for anyone who wants to monitor how much booze they are consuming, these high quality glasses carry markings that display the number of units in drinks of varying strength. Shhmarvellous, eh?


    3 different abv percentage markings

    As anyone who’s woken up minus eyebrows, undies and last night’s kebab can confirm, all drinks are not created equal. For this reason AlcoholOmeter Glasses are marked with various abv percentages. Simply check the strength of your tipple and prepare to be alarmed/reassured/amazed you’re still standing as the exact unit count is displayed. Ooh, me ‘ead!

    Available in wine or pint versions, AlcoholOmeter Glasses are ideal pressies for anyone who enjoys a drink but has no idea what’s in it – ie: everyone. Make ours a shandy.

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