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AlcoSense Elite Breathalyser
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyser

AlcoSense Elite Breathalyser

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    Smaller than an iPhone!

    Now, we’re not ones to condone drinking before getting behind the wheel. Or playing the numbers game and risking a cheeky small one to stay under the limit. As far as we’re concerned, sensible drivers drink pop.

    However, we do understand that it’s easy to overdo it and forget you’re driving the next morning. Which is where well-meaning people can come unstuck – even the next morning you could still be over the legal driving limit! So make sure you’re covered before you leave the house and give a toot on the AlcoSense Elite Breathalyser.

    No bigger than a mobile phone, this multi award winning breathalyser will tell you for sure if you’re really safe to drive. Just slide it open to switch on, blow into the tube and get your result in seconds. The built-in airflow sensor means you can’t accidentally blow too softly or too hard.

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    Prepare the AlcoSense

    Blow until it tells you to stop

    Uh, oh! Best not drive now

    The simple readout will display your result in either ‰BAC or mg/l and (more helpfully) advise if you’re below, near, or above the legal limit. Well, it is a nice day for walk...

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