Akai SynthStation 25
  • Akai SynthStation 25

Akai SynthStation 25

Piano al fresco

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    iPhone docked

    Dock your iPhone or iPod Touch

    For some musicians – kazoo players, for example – it’s not a problem if you come up with a killer jingle while you’re out and about. Carry your instrument with you and you can give it a try straight away. But it’s not as easy for piano players. Unless they’ve got shoulders like Atlas they’re confined to doing all of their creative thinking indoors – within prodding distance of the heavy piano.

    Not to worry though! Signalling an end to this creativity-stifling misery is the Akai SynthStation 25. This compact keyboard features a two-octave set of piano keys and dock for an iPod Touch or iPhone. Using the Akai SynthStation app, you can create beats, loops or entire tracks; all on the move.

    Inputs on the rear
    Use the SynthStation’s built-in buttons for instant hands-on control, or access the app for a host of further touchscreen functions. Short of a working piano key neck tie, it’s the easiest way to tinkle the ivories on the go.

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