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Airwolf R/C Helicopter
  • Airwolf R/C Helicopter

Airwolf R/C Helicopter

Woka-woka your way back to the 80s

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    Small size

    Captain Hawke is ready
    for take off

    Daft flight suit? Check. Killer theme tune? Check. Gravel-voiced sidekick? Check. Implausible script? Check. Chiselled good looks? Check. Supersonic attack chopper? Erm...

    Now listen up! If you’re a renegade pilot looking to make a complete Jan-Michael Vincent of yourself, you need a hi-tech helicopter. And here it is in the menacing shape of this fully-licensed R/C version of TV’s favourite supercopter, Airwolf.

    As seen on TV

    Straight from the 80's into
    your living room!

    Unlike its televisual counterpart, this particular whirlybird can’t travel at supersonic speeds, fire 40 rounds per second or scare the living daylights out of hammy, vaguely familiar actors. It can, however, fly up, down, backwards, forwards, left and right.

    What’s more our colleagues in surveillance tell us it boasts super-wide infra-red control and tri-band technology, as well as counter-rotating rotors. Gawd knows what all that means but it makes for superb stability and handling. And thanks to a nifty charger/transmitter you’ll be juiced-up and whirring around the front room before you can say ‘Blue Thunder? Bah!’

    Great gift!
    If all this Airwolf business is mumbo jumbo to you, we can only assume that you a) have no taste, b) have chosen to forget this brilliantly bad slice of TV, or c) are still wearing shorts and can’t imagine how any TV show with a cello-playing, eagle-serenading protagonist called Stringfellow Hawke was ever commissioned.

    Charges from your remote

    Just plug into your infrared remote to charge!

    Full of details

    Detailed body shell

    We digress. The point is this fantastic little helicopter is enormous fun to fly. And if you do come a cropper, its highly detailed body shell ensures it won’t explode in a frankly unrealistic ball of fire. Or snap in two.

    Whether you’re a fan of the show (go on, admit it) or you just fancy piloting a legendary chopper around the house, the Airwolf R/C Helicopter is most definitely for you. Now if you’ll excuse us we’re off for a briefing with Archangel.

    Great gift!

    What are you waiting for? We all have one!

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