Airstream International 684
  • Airstream International 684

Airstream International 684

To the restless spirit…

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    Airstream International 684

    Spend your camping holiday in luxury and style!

    Picture life on the endless freeways of the good ol’ USA and various iconic images spring to mind: mammoth 18-wheelers, neon-drenched truck stops and, of course, gleaming Airstreams. With their curvaceous, hand-riveted aluminium bodywork these legendary travel trailers make the middle-lane bothering shoeboxes you see in Blighty look positively pathetic. But surely you can’t buy UK/European road-approved Airstreams here at Firebox? Well slap your butt and call you silly, of course you can!

    Yes folks, the award-winning Airstream International 684 has been specifically designed for European use, and it’s just as jaw-droppingly luxe as its Yankee Doodle cuz. Hit the continent pulling this baby and you’re liable to keep on going forever. Indeed, nearly 70% of all Airstreams built since 1931 are still on the road, making them as green as they are silver.

    Top-end kitchen Luxurious bedroom Stylish lounge

    Top-end kitchen

    Luxurious bedroom

    Stylish lounge

    Airstream International 684

    Iconic aluminium bodywork

    But how about the interior? Put simply it’s a fully-loaded living space that defies caravanning convention. Packed with everything you need for modern mobile living, the stupendous 684 features a top-end kitchen decked out with high tech appliances and mod cons galore. But that’s just for starters.

    Airstream International 684

    Live the dream!

    In the bedroom a deluxe mattress and under-bed storage make a mockery of the Carry-On style sleeping arrangements of lesser caravans. You can even opt for leather upholstery in the stylish lounge area. Factor in state-of-the-art plumbing, backlit overhead storage and panoramic windows and you’re looking at the ultimate travel trailer

    Needless to say, quality like this doesn’t come cheap. But who cares about money when you’re living the dream in one of these babies. Besides, you can always sell your house to pay for it; why bother with immovable bricks and mortar when you can hit the road in an Airstream? Let’s roll!

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