'We have the technology, we can rebuild the pogo stick.'

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      The antics of 2001's Big Brother contestants as they attempted to pogo, skip and space hop around their garden (so that they could eat the following week) made for one of the more amusing segments of the highly addictive human zoo show. Especially the bit where they kept falling off the pogo stick. That was funny.

      If only they'd had an Airgo. Laid before a pogo-bereft world by Razor, one of the original makers of micro scooters, the Airgo is missing the main part of traditional pogo sticks – a spring. In place of a squeaky length of coiled metal is a pneumatic piston cylinder, which is filled with air via a built-in pump system. As well as making the Airgo adjustable to the various weights of any riders it may have, it also means that it folds up to a particularly portable 52cm x 10cm when all of the air is pumped out.

      Hewn from hardwearing and shiny aluminium, the Airgo looks and plays tough. With practice, you can leap 5ft in the air, and with lots of practice you could fashion thighs like Roberto Carlos and calves like Arnie. A plaything that's secretly good for you – just don't tell anyone. And it's easy to get to grips with. Even the biggest numbnuts in the Firebox Testing Lab managed to bound around sooner rather than later.

      Remember what happened to the aforementioned micro scooters? They became very cool very quickly, catching on quicker than a bush fire at the height of summer. Expect a similar thing to happen with the Airgo. Get on board now before everyone else.

      For more memory-jogging play equipment rejigged for adult consumption, check out the marvellous Oddballs.

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