• AirStash


Streams like a dream

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    Stream movies, share photos, play music and save documents


    I am a premium, social multimedia server.
    I have my own App, but also work well with a variety of others.
    I am invaluable for business meetings and presentations.
    I can share documents between up to eight people, simultaneously.
    I can provide a backup for all your wireless gadgets.
    I am portable, sturdy and compact.

    8GB SD card

    Insert the SD card

    AirStash connected via USB

    Upload your files you want to share/stream

    AirStash App software

    AirStash creates its own WiFi network, just connect via your smartphone and stream

    Link to video

    View more about AirStash (Watchout for cracking photoshop magic)

    I won’t cause unsightly ‘bulges’ in your pockets.
    I am available in 8GB or 16GB, you choose.
    I can stream movies to up to 3 devices, simultaneously.
    I create my own WiFi network wherever I go.
    I have a dedicated support team on call.

    I can charge my battery via USB.
    I can carry and transfer HD photos, videos, music and documents.
    I can swap memory cards with lots of other devices.
    I can help keep your kids occupied during long journeys.
    I don’t require a router, or even an Internet connection.
    I am still furious at my Photoshop treatment in the supplier’s video.

    I am, the AirStash. You know you want me.

    More detail and specification