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Air Table Tennis
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Air Table Tennis

More tennis, less table

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    Stu playing with the Air Table Tennis

    Stu can master a rally while drinking his morning coffee!

    We’re always scouring the globe for new sports and amazing kit. So when we discovered Air Table Tennis we assumed those clever chaps in Japan had just spruced up a ping pong paddle. But that wasn’t the half of it...

    Because with Air Table Tennis, the classic game has been completely reinvented. For a start, you don’t need a ball, a net, a table, a musty youth club basement, or even an opponent! Simply sweep the battery-powered paddle through the air as if serving a ball and your virtual rally will begin. You can play anywhere, from the living room to a lift!

    So how does it work? Well, the Air Table Tennis paddle makes all the sound effects of a real game; starting with a satisfying ‘tock’ as you serve the ball. You’ll then hear it bounce over the table to your virtual opponent and their return shot. Judge the speed of their shot from the time it takes to bounce on your side of the table. Match the timing with your swing and you’ll hear that satisfying ‘tock!’ as you bat it back again. Then simply repeat! With your virtual opponent varying the speed of their returns, it’s like playing table tennis with a figment of your imagination, or an invisible Forrest Gump. It might sound crazy, but it’s actually really intuitive and ludicrously addictive.

    Play Air Table Tennis anywhere:
    Anywhere ball games

    No ball games? No problem.

    Kinkuku-ji temple

    Take it on holiday with you

    Space station

    Even play table tennis in space!

    Of course all of this takes a little practice, but Air Table Tennis makes a great coach. To learn how to perfect your timing, just switch the paddle to Rhythm Mode. In this mode your virtual opponent will return the ball at the same speed every time, so you can get the hang of a gentle rally and even jig along to the included music. When you really want to punish your opponent, the paddle has a Smash Button. Press it and it’ll put extra power in your swing. Will they be able to return it, or will you steal the win? Time it right and find out!

    How to play:
    Wrist strap

    Wear the wrist strap for safety

    Mode button

    Mode button

    Smash button

    Smash button

    Take your shots forehand, backhand, over your head or between your legs. With Air Table Tennis it’s all about rhythm; so you can vary your technique (and attire) as little or as much as you like. Go on, make a smash!

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