Air Swimmers Shark
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Air Swimmers Shark

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    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the living room... the radio controlled Air Swimmers Shark really does appear to be swimming impossibly through the air. This ingenious balloon is propelled by its sideways-moving tail.

    Building the Air Swimmer Shark Remote control Rik holding the Shark

    Build-it yourself

    Remote control

    Rik's gonna need a bigger boat!

    Unlike typical helium balloons (which only want to go up) the Air Swimmer is filled with helium – ensuring it simply hangs in the air. You can then use the radio control to make it swim. Up, down, left and right; with a bit of practice you’ll make your living room look like a giant aquarium!

    In fact, the Shark's movement is so graceful and gentle that you can easily use it in enclosed spaces where twitchy RC helicopters and planes would struggle. Perfect for guarding your bedroom or scaring off unwelcome guests.

    Air Swimmers in the office

    Patrolling the boardroom (from L-R): Air Swimmer Shark and Air Swimmer Clown Fish

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