Air Sphereing for Two
  • Air Sphereing for Two

Air Sphereing for Two

Anyone for keepy-uppie?

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    Two people in the Air Sphereing

    Two heads are better...

    Have you ever fancied strapping yourself and a friend into an enormous inflatable sphere and being buffeted into the air by winds of up to 150mph? Of course you haven’t. But only because you didn’t know that such a patently silly pastime existed. Well it does, you can and here’s how.

    Like the barmy lovechild of Sphereing and Indoor Skydiving, this hilarious experience takes place in one of England’s few vertical wind tunnels. On the day itself you’ll go through a fun briefing with a trained instructor and shown all of your equipment.

    You and your co-rider will then climb into the inflatable sphere, strap in and give the thumbs up. That’s when they turn on the fans. The 150mph gusts that are generated are so powerful they’ll lift your giant ball completely off the ground. In fact, if it didn’t have a roof, they would actually carry you just over a mile!

    While all this is going on, your friends and loved ones can watch (and laugh) from the free viewing gallery. The whole experience from arrival to departure takes a little over an hour so you’ll have plenty of time left any other bonkers sports.

    Upon contact with the supplier you will be issued with a flight time; participants must arrive no later than 1 hour before their scheduled flight time. On arrival you will have a fun briefing and will receive all necessary instruction (all necessary equipment is provided.) The two ‘co-riders' will then enter the inflatable Sphere together and take their positions. As the Sphere is lifted off the ground by the 150mph airflow, the 'co-riders' will be introduced to, and share, the high octane, adrenalin fuelled world of Air-Sphereing®.

    Expect to be on-site for approximately one hour. This experience is available on weekdays only.

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