Air Hogs Firestormer

    Air Hogs Firestormer

    The fuel-free plane that flies for 100m

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      It's not just the press that has been getting in a spin over this intriguing new toy. Productivity in the office has taken a dramatic nosedive recently as we keep sneaking off to the local park for important practice sessions.

      Here is a short list of Great Things about the Firestormer:
      1. It makes a noise that sounds like a fuel-driven, radio-controlled plane.
      2. It can fly distances of over 100m. ThatÂ’s the length of a football pitch.
      3. It’s easy to power up – just connect it to the pump, then pump away.
      In essence, thatÂ’s all you really need to know about the Air Hog Firestormer. But you can never have too much fact, so hereÂ’s more:

      The Firestormer is the direct descendent of the wildly successful Air Hog Sky Shark, itself a plane that is pumped up with air and could also fly over great distances and to great heights. Where the Firestormer differs from its predecessor is in both the design and performance stakes.

      The main wing detaches on landing – wing damage was a concern with the Sky Shark, but not so here thanks to a rethink on the part of the manufacturers. And maybe it’s just us (and we’d know, having played with Air Hogs planes for a long time now) but the pumping process seems to be quicker. All it takes to fill the Firestormer’s tank is a few pumps using the supplied docking station. A less crucial improvement is the new look, but we like it anyway.

      Cutting up the flight paths of kite owners and terrifying young children is surprisingly satisfying. Just remember to avoid the tall trees. Expert pilots can even hone their planes to perform various stunts, tricks and loops by making various adjustments to the tail.

      In terms of continued wow factor, and instant, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin-but-only-more-so fulfilment, Firestormer has no equal. Owning one of these will mean that you have the coolest toy in the park, and as the ancient saying goes, he who hath the biggest rattle doth make the biggest noise.

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