Air Hog XT-9 Turbo Chopper

    Air Hog XT-9 Turbo Chopper

    Air-powered plane-copter

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      The XT-9 Turbo Chopper is the latest addition to the award-winning family of air-powered planes from US toy giant Spinmaster.

      Like the Air Hog Firestormer, the XT-9 Turbo Chopper relies on air power rather than batteries. Pump it up using the docking station provided, then let rip as the XT-9 Turbo Chopper's R.A.I.D engine launches it into the air and flies for up to 100 yards - that's the length of a football pitch.

      Whilst the Air Hog Firestormer takes its chances with landings, the XT-9 Turbo Chopper benefits from twin rotors located on the ends of its wings - giving extra lift during take-off and guaranteeing a soft landing when it finally runs out of steam.

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