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Air Guitar Rockstar
  • Air Guitar Rockstar

Air Guitar Rockstar

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    Air Guitar Rockstar

    Are you ready to rock?

    Real guitar heroes don't have time to gawp at websites like this. They're busy headlining enormodomes, backcombing their hair-don'ts, stuffing wads of cash down their spandex trousers and widdling away at their axes 24/7. And that's the rub, because to be a guitar god you need oodles of patience and truckloads of talent. Or do you? Well no, not if you're playing the amazing Air Guitar Rockstar.

    Air Guitar Rockstar




    This ingenious electronic headstock lets wannabe plank spankers crank out thunderous chords without all that fiddly fingering business. Simply press the chord buttons and strum the air. Infra red sensors detect your hand motions causing the selected chords to blast out of the built-in speaker. There are even several preloaded rock classics to play along to. And if they don't get you dropping to your knees mid solo, you can plug in an MP3 player and jam along to any song you fancy. It's rock with no strings attached.

    Air Guitar Rockstar

    Run your hand through the infra red beam

    Wait for the beat then hold down the chords

    Point the infra red beam away from the body

    Air Guitar Rockstar

    Pick a chord, any chord!

    Despite the Rockstar's unquestionable silliness, all the basic chords are there, and there are buttons for sharp, flat, major and 7th to give you a broader range of notes. All you need are two hands and a bit of rhythm. Friends will think you've been getting lessons off Slash. Or Andrew Ridgeley.

    If the Air Guitar Rockstar's speaker isn't sufficiently raucous you can melt innocent eardrums by hooking up to an amp. Conversely, if your neighbour's broomstick-on-the-wall backbeat isn't up to scratch, you can play your gut-crunching riffs through headphones.

    Air Guitar Rockstar

    Air Guitar Rockstar controls

    Brian May was so impressed with this rocktastic gizmo he's agreed to donate his hair to the first Fireboxer who learns Queen's entire back catalogue on it. Okay, he hasn't. But he might if we keep on pestering him. In the meantime we strongly suggest you get ordering before the world is awash with would-be axe legends. Last one to learn Bohemian Rhapsody is a sissy.

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