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Air Flo Controller
  • Air Flo Controller

Air Flo Controller

A breath of fresh air

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    detail of buttons

    Buttons to adjust the lights
    and air flow of the vents

    Don’t let sweaty mitts spoil your PS3 gaming experience. With its incredible built-in fans, the Air Flo Controller circulates a cooling breeze around your hands as you play.

    Plug in the sleek, ergonomic device and the buttons and fans will glow an icy blue colour. Switch the fan to one of two speeds and the patented Air Flo tehncology will cool your clammy palms as you play. Ingenious!

    The pad still has all the essentials for PS3 gaming; including dual rumble function, responsive buttons and reverse analog sticks. So the next time you feel the pressure, grab an Air Flo Controller and make sure you keep a cool grip.

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