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Aiptek PocketCam Slim 3000F

    Aiptek PocketCam Slim 3000F

    Slim cam for slim wallets

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      It always amazes the greying, white-coated boffins in the basement at Firebox HQ how just a couple of years ago you'd have needed to take a separate suitcase on holiday with you for your digital camera and yet, these days, you only need a spare pocket to slip your digital snapper into and you're climbing the steps of that jet before you can say, 'boarding pass'.

      The Aiptek Slim 3000 is one such diminutive snapper and is actually slightly smaller than a box of matches - albeit a box of cook's matches - not the ones you buy for 10p from the mid-30s under-achiever at your local newsagent. It slips into even the slimmest fitting pair of chaps with ease and that's despite being home to a 2.0-megapixel CMOS sensor. Of course, any self-respecting digital camera wouldn't pass up the opportunity to add a little extra resolution thanks to the miracle of software interpolation, which is why this mini digital sports a solid 3 million little coloured dots by the time it's ready to be printed out from your PC.

      Also included in this tiny box of digital tricks is a 4x digital zoom for shooting distant subjects and a video mode that lets you shoot at 320x240 resolution with a super-smooth frame rate of 20fps. Not forgetting the PC camera mode that allows you to hook the Slim up to your PC and broadcast your mug around the world, as well as recording video direct to your hard drive.

      Accessories-wise you won't be left wanting, either, thanks to the addition of an armada of quality software, a carry case, a carry strap, other words that succeed 'carry' and, best of all, a tripod to mount the Aiptek on when you're suffering from the chronic DTs.

      All in all, you'd be hard pushed to find a camera that offers more than the Slim 3000F for the very reasonable price tag of £69.95.

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