Aiptek PocketCam 3 Mega

    Aiptek PocketCam 3 Mega

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      The pocket. A triumph of form and function. And now, Firebox presents the perfect companion for that pinnacle of right-thinking design. The PocketCam. Conceived with the pocket firmly lodged in the minds of the designers, you'll find the new 3 Mega will slot neatly into just about any trouser receptacle with the minimum of fuss, leaving you free to go about your daily business without undue fretting about fitting the essentials in your pocket, like small change and lint, and still having room for your trusty digital camera.

      And, just to dispel any niggling doubts about its credentials as a workable digicam, the PocketCam 3 Mega wheels out a hefty 2-megapixel CMOS sensor, which, as we're becoming a little fond of saying, is software-boosted to 3-megapixels by the time you view it on your PC.

      Unlike other cams, though, the 3 Mega's pocketable dimensions don't mean you're restricted in the memory stakes. Rather than plumping for flash memory, which can't be upgraded, Aiptek has done us proud again by slapping a Compact Flash card slot in the PocketCam, thereby enabling expansion way above the 16MB that comes on the standard card (up to 256MB) and vastly increasing the number of shots you can store on the camera before splurging them onto your PC's hard drive. Click here to buy CompactFlash cards separately, or save money when you buy them with the PocketCam 3Mega itself!

      As we've come to expect from an Aiptek-branded snapper, you get a 320x240 video mode that records at 20fps and a natty tripod to keep things steady when your hands are anything but. A TV mode means you can view your finished movie masterwork on any PAL or NTSC telly (that's just about any TV ever made, by the way), or give the relatives a nauseating slideshow of your holiday still shots.

      An ample 4x digital zoom means that no one is safe from the eye of your lens no matter how hard they try to run and a 1.5-inch TFT LCD screen helps you frame the perfect shot without squinting through a viewfinder. Camera modes can be switched with the twist of a dial.

      All this in a camera that slips effortlessly into your pocket? Well, that's a PocketCam.

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