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Aiptek HD Camcorders

You've never seen quality like it.

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    High Definition Camcorders

    Aiptek Z500 Plus

    Camcorders have come a long way since those tape-munching, shoebox-sized contraptions of yesteryear. But just when you thought the digital ante could be upped no further, Aiptek unveil a pair of HD Camcorders. Talk about a revolution in resolution!

    Capable of capturing footage in stunning High Definition (1440 x 1080), these next generation machines will blow you away. Indeed, unless you've got bionic peepers you won't have seen quality like it.

    High Definition Camcorders


    Super-sleek, both Aipteks record at 30 frames per second in 16:9 widescreen, so playback on your fancy-pants HDTV is a breathtaking experience. Clarity and definition are phenomenal, and colours are more vibrant than ever. Aargh, look at me wrinkles! You can also download files directly to PC or watch on a regular telly.

    High Definition Camcorders

    AHD300: TFT LCD Display

    But it's not all about big screen playback because Aipteks have built-in 2.4" reversible TFT LCD displays. This means you can watch your eye-popping HD movies wherever you may roam. What's more, the Z500 Plus boasts a 3x optical zoom with auto focus. Is that spinach or parsley stuck in the vicar's teeth? These envelope-pushing wonders also function as 8 mega pixel still cameras with CMOS sensor and auto-focus. Take two cameras on holiday? No way.

    Rammed with hi-tech features, each idiot-proof Aiptek is capable of recording 1 hour of luscious HD video on a 4GB SD card (memory card sold separately). And if you're into lengthier productions you can upgrade to a more capacious card.

    High Definition Camcorders

    Easy controls

    Save onto SD card

    HD out!

    High Definition Camcorders

    Carry case and remote supplied

    Talking of epics (sort of), had the original Star Trek movie been shot using an Aiptek, we reckon Captain Kirk's syrup would've been visible from a mile off. And it's this level of retina-dazzling detail that makes an HD Camcorder so desirable. Goodness knows what a Pete Burns/Jackie Stallone collaboration would look like. Enough already, our shipment is ready to roll. And… Action!

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