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AiKiou Stimulo
  • AiKiou Stimulo

AiKiou Stimulo

Treat your cats to a working lunch

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    Despite their fluffy coat and tendency to go loopy for nip, your cat is still a partly-wild animal. And it shows when they scratch the furniture, eat the houseplants and bring small animals indoors to die. But rather than banishing them to the garden every time they do what comes naturally, give them a vent for their hunting instincts with the AiKiou Stimulo.

    Designed with curious cats in mind, this fascinating feeding bowl invites your cat to work for their meal. Just load the various tubes with food – or their favourite snack – and let them forage for it themselves.

    Not only will it give them a bit of intellectual stimulation, it’s also a great way to give overweight housecats a bit of a workout. Since dinner isn’t handed to them on a plate, the Stimulo also slows the speed at which your moggy can eat; aiding their digestion and reducing any bloating and discomfort (or food kittens).

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