AiKiou Dog Bowl
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AiKiou Dog Bowl

Don’t wolf it down

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    Dog feeding!

    Interactive eating... woofit!

    Despite their happy faces and wagging tails our household pets are still partly-wild animals. And it shows when they dig holes in the garden, chase rabbits and eat other animal’s poop. But now there’s a way to channel their natural instincts without it leading to a stern telling off (and a breath mint).

    The AiKiou Dog Bowl makes dinnertime a challenge. Rather than simply handing them food on a plate, this interactive dog bowl demands that they dig, nuzzle and sniff it out. Perfect for venting their natural tendencies to hunt and dig; and encouraging overweight or inactive dogs to work for their meal; just fill the various compartments with food and let them work out how to get to it.

    Since AiKiou Dog Bowl forces dogs to eat more slowly they’ll be less prone to digestive problems, too. In short; more happy pups and fewer windy pops.

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