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Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller
  • Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller

Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller

Light up gaming gear

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    Different gamers play at different times of the day. For some it’s the first port of call in the morning; for others it’s a lunch hour thing; while for a select few it’s a fun alternative to sleep. With this particular hardcore tribe in mind, the clever chaps at PDP have created an incredible range of high-performance light-up gaming pads: making the perfect companion for button-bashing after bedtime.

    With a lightweight (but hard-wearing) clear polycarbonate body and responsive controls, the Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller immediately stands out from regular 360 controllers. But it’s when the sun goes down that this innovative pad comes into its own. Because built into the inner workings are a series of super bright green LEDs.

    Set them to be permanently on, or to pulse along when the pad rumbles. Sure, the pad needs to be plugged into your console in order to work, but when you offset that against the Afterglow’s cool looks, it’s a small price to pay. It’s a great way to stand out from other gamers and put on a dazzling performance after dark.

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