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Afterglow Wii Controller
  • Afterglow Wii Controller

Afterglow Wii Controller

Who’s for a little late-night bowling?

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    Ooo glowy

    We’ve all clonked someone with a Wii remote before. Not on purpose, mind. But when you’re going for that all-important swing it’s easy to forget there are sometimes people in the way. Well thankfully, those helpful bods at PDP have a solution – make your handheld Wii kit so dazzlingly cool that your spectators will see it coming a mile off.

    The Afterglow Wii Controller has a clear polycarbonate body so you can see all of the high tech gubbins inside. But best of all, a series of super bright red LEDs are built in as well. Set them to be permanently on, or to pulse along when the controller rumbles. It’s a great way to stand out from other players and put on a dazzling performance in the dark (if that’s your thing).

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