After Eighth Cannabis Chocolates
  • After Eighth Cannabis Chocolates
  • After Eighth Cannabis Chocolates
  • After Eighth Cannabis Chocolates

After Eighth Cannabis Chocolates

Mellow munchies

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After Eighth Cannabis Chocolates
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  • Stressed? You? Not with these little delights
  • Luxury chocolates with a whopping 5mg of CBD each
  • Four chocolates in each box, perfect for sharing
  • 100% legal for a guiltless experience
  • Can’t get you high, only chill you out!


Chocolate has calming properties at the best of times. Who hasn’t busted out a cheeky emergency Dairy Milk in times of stress and strife?! But for when you’re really frazzled, you might want to go the extra mile. It’s CBD time, baby.

These cannabis chocolates will have you unwinding faster than a glass of wine and an hour of yoga put together. Packed with a whopping 5mg of CBD per chocolate, these chocolates may contribute to a wonderful sense of bliss as your worries dissipate with every nibble.

With four in the box, there’s enough to share round, or just scoff the lot yourself. No need to worry about getting stoned off your rocker as they don’t contain any THC, the chemical compound in marijuana that makes you start talking to trees and stroking the walls.

Roll up that yoga mat and put your ‘mindfulness’ podcast on pause, total calm is only a few luxurious chocolates away.
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  • "Dudes, That Was Awesome Of You. Blockbusters was my Favourite place growing up and my older cousin used to work there. ❤✌"
    - 4th of October, 2019
  • "I bought these as a birthday gift, couldn’t be happier with the chocolates and I opted for the garbage rap which really came out well. "
    - 1st of October, 2019
  • "Exellent chocolates, came in very handy when his boyfriend got his wisdom tooth out!! Defo helped the pain alot"
    - 18th of September, 2019