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Aerobird Fighter Challenger
  • Aerobird Fighter Challenger

Aerobird Fighter Challenger

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    Featuring included Sonic Combat Module for dogfighting with up to 5 other Aerobird Challengers.

    Everyone dreams of piloting their very own state-of-the-art aircraft. But even if you spend years at flight school you're not going to be able to soar above the local park performing barrel rolls whilst dogfighting with fellow aviators, are you? (Well, you could, but the Civil Aviation Authority wouldn't be too happy).

    Aerobird Challenger Thankfully the extraordinary Aerobird Challenger allows you to pull off incredible aerial acrobatics and 'shoot' down rivals without incurring the wrath of local air traffic control - and you won't even need a pair of goggles. The only downer is it's 2.5ft long and remote controlled. Which means you can't actually sit in it. A shame, but what do you expect for under £100?

    The ready-to-fly 3-channel Aerobird Challenger is one of the finest rechargeable flying machines we've ever seen, as it can be enjoyed by relative novices and aces alike. That's because it features a smart Multi Mode onboard computer which can be adjusted according to experience/ability. The default Sport Mode is ideal for learner pilots who want to avoid making total Dick Dastardlys out of themselves. Unlocking Pro Mode changes the Aerobird's characteristics and allows for more complex and aggressive manoeuvres - perfect for loops, dives, rolls and combat. Yes, combat!

    Aerobird Challenger

    Aerobird Challenger Believe it or not the Aerobird Challenger comes with a Sonic Combat Module that allows you to enjoy full-on aerial ding-dongs with fellow Aerobird flyers. Basically this nifty box of tricks emits a sonic blast with an effective range of up to 80 feet. All you have to do is lock on to your opponent's tail and 'fire'. When hit, the stricken plane emits a high-pitched squeal and its motor is disabled for 10 seconds. Dicey, but pilots still have directional control so they can manoeuvre into position for a counter attack or attempt a safe landing. Spiffing, eh!

    Aerobird Challenger You control your magnificent flying machine via a fully-proportional single stick transmitter with slide throttle and 'fire' button. It's not easy mastering the powerful Aerobird Challenger but it sure beats donning daft shades and sitting in a classroom full of Top Gun wannabes yelling 'Whoa, yeah!' at Kelly McGillis' legs. All right, it doesn't, but the majestic Aerobird Challenger is still top flight entertainment. Chocks away? It'll take your breath away!

    Aerobird Challenger

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