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Aerobie Superdisc
  • Aerobie Superdisc

Aerobie Superdisc

King of the flingers

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    Not content with developing the Aerobie 13 – Guinness World Record holder for the longest throw, at over 400m – the makers of the Aerobie Superdisc have gone head to head with classic Frisbees to well and truly claim their place as king of the flingers.

    This stylish flying disc has a transparent plastic centre, surrounded by a tactile rubber grip. But this soft edge is not just there to feel nice (and cushion accidental frisbee-to-the-head mishaps). This stylish design is the result of everything the makers learned when developing the Aerobie 13. Resulting in a solid flying disc that’s more stable and accurate than any of its rivals.

    Having a rubber spoiler like this also means the Superdisc won’t pick up any burrs and scratches, that normally spoil the edges of plastic Frisbees. So it won’t hurt sensitive hands – or mouths, if that’s your style.

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