Aerobie 10
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Aerobie 10

No such thing as a little fling

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    As seen on garage roofs, stuck in trees, and disappearing over the garden wall since 1984, the Aerobie 10 (or Aerobie Sprint, as it’s also known) is the little brother of the world’s most famous long distance flyer – the full-size Aerobie 13 currently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest throw, measuring an incredible 400m! While this cheeky upstart won’t reach quite those distances, it’ll still travel twice as far as regular frisbees. Perfect for chucking around in small or built-up spaces.

    Like the F1 car of Frisbees, the Aerobee 10 is a must for any enthusiast. The responsive rubber design can be tweaked for optimum stability and performance. But let’s be honest, it’s far more fun in the hands of novices like us. Further back! No... keep going! Alright, here it comes! Oh... sorry! No you go and get it, I’ve got a bad knee.

    Take it to the park and it’s a great way to tire out the kids (or enjoy a little childhood nostalgia). With the soft rubber finish it’s easy to throw and catch, and won’t cause too much mayhem if it goes a bit off course. S’cuse me, can I have me Frisbee back?

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