Summer Sale 2018
Aero Quick Pool

    Aero Quick Pool

    A fabulously fun water feature that no garden should be without!

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      Having a pool in your back garden has always been a decidedly decadent luxury, enjoyed by fabulously wealthy criminals, nouveau riche rock stars, naff celebs and, worst of all, Big Brother contestants. But that's all about to change. Because thanks to Firebox, you too can now enjoy the inestimable benefits of owning your very own watery retreat.

      The hi-tech Aero Inflatable Pool is the ideal way to cool off during those long summer days, and you won't have to dig up the garden and take out a second mortgage in order to luxuriate in its liquid embrace.

      Drinks holder

      Okay, so you can't exactly swim in it, but seeing as plunge pools are all the rage right now it can only be a matter of time before 'dip' pools become the piscine du jour! With its 6 moulded drinks holders the Aero is obviously designed with the professional loafer in mind. Just mix up a cocktail, relax, and you really could be in LA. Sort of.

      Turbo pump

      The Aero Pool is an absolute cinch to inflate. Simply activate its patented super powerful inflate system and the entire shebang takes shape before your very eyes in less than 3 minutes! The mega efficient rechargeable Ni/Cd pump holds up to 8 inflations per charge yet weighs a mere 0.5kg.


      Deflation is equally simple as an air release valve deflates the pool quickly and easily. Measuring a generous 335 x 178 x 56cm, the Aero holds a whopping great 1325 litres of water. So, as long as you don't mind playing footsie, it's big enough to accommodate you, a (close) friend and the neighbours. Perfect for parties, barbeques and all manner of H20-related debauchery. Come on in, the water's lovely!

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