Aero Minute Bed

    Aero Minute Bed

    Hit the sack in style with this rugged, take-anywhere, auto-inflating bed.

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      If you're one of those nomadic characters who always seems to end up sleeping on the sofa or floor, you'll love the Aero Minute Bed. This rugged but incredibly comfy inflatable bed is the answer to all your peripatetic prayers because you really can take it anywhere: camping trips; sleepovers; post-pub crashouts; the beach; wherever. Minute Bed is also a brilliant back up bed for those of us who frequently entertain guests but hate the idea of drunken bodies lolling all over the sofa.

      Turbo pump

      Forget huffing and puffing, Minute Bed inflates in less than a minute and deflates in just 15 seconds using patented rechargeable pump technology. Simply charge the Ni Cd pump and take it along with your Minute Bed to, well, to just about anywhere! The ingenious little pump weighs less than 0.5kg and can inflate Minute Bed 8 times on a single charge. Minute Bed also comes complete with a deluxe tote bag to make transporting it from A to B as easy as 1, 2, 3.

      Sturdy nylon

      The Aero Minute Bed is made of a super sturdy nylon/PVC hybrid that is far more resistant to wear and tear than comparable blow up beds, and is water and fade resistant too! It will withstand rugged camping trips and drunken all night parties with ease.

      Clever valve technology

      You needn't lose sleep worrying about being let down by Minute Bed as it won't sag or lose air overnight. And forget about folding up jumpers or resting on bony elbows because a built in pillow supports your sleepy head for added comfort. Best of all, we're selling the double version of Minute Bed so you can share your new inflatable pal with a friend!

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